A Norumbega Almanac


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The Daily calendar describes the present calendrical time in both secular and natural terms. The secular descriptions are according to the Gregorian calendar widely in use in western Europe and the Americas. The natural descriptions are defined a little differently.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Today is the 301st day of the Calendar Year and the 312th day of the Solar Year. It is the 37th day of Autumn.
The Calendar Year begins on January 1; the Solar Year begins on the Winter Solstice. The beginning of the season is determined as follows: if the solstice or equinox occurs before noon, Eastern Time, the season is said to begin on that day. If the solstice or equinox begins after noon, the season begins on the following day, and the present day is the last day of the present season. There is nothing "scientific" about this; simply an editorial decision.
Sunrise: 0612
Sunset: 1637
Times given are set for Yarmouth, Maine, USA, and are given in 24-hour values.
Hours of Daylight: 10:25
Day's length is from sunrise to sunset, thus, the total time the sun would be visible on a flat horizon. Twilight hours are not included.
Counterpart day: February 11th
The Counterpart Day is the day in the same half of the year, since the last equinox, that has the same (or most approximate) day's length and declination of the sun as the present day.
Lunation 9th day of the 11th lunation, waxing gibbous
The lunation begins on the day after the moon is new, on the evening when its waxing crescent first becomes visible. We begin numbering the lunations with the first new moon after the winter solstice.